At Philippines Plans, we offer travel insurances in Philippines online. We have a number of top insurers that you can choose to buy from. With us, you will have the opportunity to compare the best of the best and decide on which one to pick. There are two types of coverage to pick from. They include single trip travel insurance or annual trip insurance coverage. In the process of trying to get you the best traveling plan, w will give you multiple options for you to compare.

It is important to have travel insurance whether you are traveling domestically or abroad. This is because something could happen when you travel. Your insurance company will be the one that will deal with the matter and not you. Being prepared for an accident, illness or any trouble gives you an upper hand. You will have a number of benefits to enjoy and it can also take care of your visa requirements. This will give you a peace of mind while taking a vacation.


Our options are from local insurance providers to international prestigious insurers. In a world where there are numerous insurers, out enabled team will help you get the best insurance scheme with simplicity. This is what sets us apart from other insurance companies. Our simplicity and comprehensive benefit plans put us on top.


Purchase our travel insurance cover and let us take care of medical and non-medical needs. With us, you will have a chance to customize your travel insurance to cover exactly what you need. We also cover all nationalities making our company extremely convenient.


  • It covers its clients globally
  • Unlimited medical cover for annual travel insurance plan
  • In-house services throughout the day and night by medical specialists and doctors.
  • Accessible by all nationalities in the world.
  • Settles the payments fully
  • Covers situations that are risky
  • Access to any hospital or doctor worldwide
  • Covers evacuations
  • Covers nonmedical issues like trip delays, missed flights, damaged property, and theft.
  • Availability of tailored solutions


  • Single trip
  • Annual coverage


You can remove or add a feature because our travel insurance plans are tailored to accommodate your needs so that it can be beneficial to you.

We are always ready, willing and excited to offer excellent services to you throughout the year regardless of time and location.