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The top notch supplier of Individual Health Insurance in Philippines has to be Maxicare Health Insurance. They are leading the industry and have over 29 years of legacy, famous people and top organizations trust Maxicare Health Insurance for their services. Up til now, to offer their more than 1 million individuals ideal medicinal care, Maxicare has worked together with about 50,000 experts and medical services. They actualized the health insurance designs that appropriately cater for families & individuals; those plans can be customized depending on your needs and budget. You are guaranteed the best health protection wherever you are in world, with the Maxicare insurance packages which your access globally. Globally minded costumers can easily pick the suitable medicinal service for them at any time.

Maxicare Health Insurance in the Philippines is known to guarantee dependability, building client’s trust and continuous efforts to provide better services. With Maxicare Health Insurance, you don’t have to stress about the health of yourself and your family. Maxicare insurance, through the years, has incorporated advancements on its services and designs, offering custom fitted plans to suit the necessities of you and your family within your budget. Your hospitalization for any diseases, including preexisting diseases are also well taken care of at Maxicare Health Insurance.

It is of interest of Maxicare to promote good lifestyle habits with their clients. Thus, preventive care is one of the solutions their healthcare insurance packages can provide. This contributes to healthier and more fulfilling lives. Under the Maxicare benefits, clients can have access to an extensive network of hospitals,various medical facilities and doctors, on cashless basis. The continually growing network grants members to facilities they can easily tap upon.

Maxicare Health Insurance provides protection for hospitalization and out-patient services with no limitations. They are one of the biggest Healthcare Insurance providers in Philippines, providing the best medical care benefits, with numerous partnerships with health facilities and specialists. Due to large competitions in the market, Maxicare has differentiated themselves by providing tailored insurance solutions to SME’s for workers protection. This enables a peace of mind for the workers and business owners, while being different from the rest in terms of providing quality employment. The willingness of Maxicare to protect SME’s is what makes them the top player in the health insurance business. Also done by bring the best medical care solutions.

Maxicare Insurance for Individuals and for the family

At Maxicare, you have the option to choose from various plans for all the services you need alongside broad coverage giving quality social insurance benefits that clients can acquire with no problems. Settling on the best choice should be the first priority of the client as medical coverage is a necessity.

MyMaxicare is a program that has been made particularly for individuals and families who want the best healthcare services. Clients are provided with numerous plan and they can pick whichever choice is most suited to them. There are many features and benefits, for both preventive emergency, inpatient and outpatient, dental care and different necessities that are usual, for example, dismemberment and accidents, etc.

A yearly examination comes with this plan and can be redone to suit the requirements of the client. You can avail Maxicare from any place. Thanks to Maxicare’s International Emergency Assist program, the individuals who like to travel but find it worrisome to get to medicinal services don’t have to stress about it any longer, this program collaborates with the renowned medical companies, worldwide SOS, and emergency aid to give strong social insurance services to all Maxicare clients.

Usually people are hesitant to spend on medicinal services as some can’t afford it and other consider it to be an avoidable expense, but spending on social insurance is like making an investment, particularly so by securing services from leading brands, such as, Maxicare Health Insurance.

Maxicare Coverage

Most people do not wish to spend extras on a good insurance cover. However, this is important and should always be a priority. Maxicare Philippines offers the best deals, with their desire to help their members live the stress-free and healthy lives, not only during the times they are ill. Maxicare is sensitive to the carious needs of their clients, offering medical solutions with comprehensive benefits and enabling access to first class medical treatments, with their health card (Maxicare card). Be spoilt for choice with the benefits Maxicare offers, be it, inpatient and out-patient benefits, emergency and dental treatments. On top of that, you get access to annual medical check-ups. This enables you to stay fit.

Most people are reluctant to spend money on a medical policy. As you can see, with Maxicare, a medical plan is more like an investment. Get the peace of mind with Maxicare today!

Maxicare Solutions

Individual & Family – Maxicare have specialized plans specially catered for optimum coverage for Individuals and Families, keeping budget and best care in mind. We offer minimum to continual coverage, catering for an array of illnesses, emergencies and pre-exisiting conditions.

Company Scheme for Small to Medium Enterprises – customizable benefits for the quality healthcare your employees deserve.


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