Maxicare Health Insurance Philippines

Maxicare is considered a prominent enterprise in the field of providing personal health insurance in the Philippines –it has served its clients for over thirty years. As Maxicare is a pioneer in this sector, it is trusted by distinguished figures and major conglomerates in its country of origin; the Philippines. At this point, Maxicare has numerous local –over one million– and overseas –more than fifty thousand– clients. Moreover, a wide range of medical insurance plans are available at Maxicare, ensuring that all its customers –ranging from individuals and families, to business people and frequent flyers– can select and modify the health care plan which best suits their necessities, whilst receiving comprehensive global coverage and the highest level of medical care to any illness, including pre-existing chronic conditions.

Maxicare does more than providing health insurance, it also took the endeavour of educating its clients on the substantiality of a healthy lifestyle. Therefore, its insurance packages contain a proviso apropos possible approaches to prevent diseases; so that its clients can live a fulfilling, healthy, and free of ailments life. Due to the perpetual expansion of Maxicare’s network, the clients can fully exploit their coverage easily and simply, and can attain health care services free of charge completely from several medical centres, hospitals, and physicians.

Furthermore, Maxicare’s health coverage does not pose any sort of restrictions whatsoever with regards to OPD treatments and hospitalizations. The trust and customer loyalty that Maxicare has built over the years have established a continually growing client base; making it the foremost provider of medical care insurance in the Philippines. Maxicare has a strong comprehension of the competitive environment of the health care insurance segment; ergo, it distinguished itself from the rest of the market by bestowing idiosyncratic insurance stratagems to SMEs for worker protection; contributing to putting the minds of employers and workers in serenity once and for all. Endowing said coverage, which ensures the protection of SMEs succours in retaining the prominent position of Maxicare in the medical insurance sector. Not to mention, the fact that they offer the eminent medical care also conduces to this.

Maxicare Insurance for Individuals and for the Family

Maxicare’s clients have the freedom to choose a plan from an extensive array of heath care options to guarantee that they are fully covered. It is substantial for the clients to use their coverage easily on the spur of the moment, and that is what Maxicare is aiming for due to their understanding of the importance of health care insurance.

For families and individuals who seek the best health care, MyMaxicare is a distinctive scheme which offers various plans which they can select from freely. Said plans proffer sundry benefits, including preventive emergency, dental check-ups, inpatient and outpatient treatment protocols, and other services where accidents and dismemberment have eventuated.

This plan is customizable – it can be tailored according to the client’s needs, and includes an annual review. The aforementioned coverage can be obtained from all over the world. Moreover, Maxicare has an International Emergency Assist program, which is designated for frequent flyers who wish to have first-rate medical insurance. This program is a joint effort betwixt Maxicare and international medical insurers, and offers the clients all Maxicare services, including but not limited to: international SOS, and emergency assistance.

Albeit most people are often reluctant when it comes to acquiring and spending money on a health insurance, having a health care plan is a must-make long-term investment, especially if it is from a proverbial insurer, such as Maxicare Health Insurance.

Maxicare Coverage

Spending extra money on a good insurance coverage plan is a decision that is often faced with scepticism from most people. Nevertheless, it should be a priority for its importance. The Maxicare corporation in the Philippines proffers an unparalleled coverage to its clients so that they can live a healthy life. Maxicare endues health care plans with comprehensive services, and an ingress to the best hospitals and health care centres via a special card; Maxicare Card. Aside from the emergency care, inpatient and outpatient services, and dental check-ups. Maxicare also provides medical consultations to its clients; so that they can keep perennial track of their health.

Despite the fact that most people are still hesitant to spend their money on a health care policy, a Maxicare medical plan should be a priority as it is a guaranteed investment for the future.

Maxicare Solutions

Maxicare provides an all-inclusive, yet customizable health care coverages for families and individuals within any budget scope. Moreover, it proffers a minimum on perpetual coverages, and endows medical services to all types of maladies, including pre-existing chronic conditions. Not to mention, Maxicare has special packages tailored towards small and middle-sized companies, which can be customized to their needs.


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