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In Philippines, Philippines Plans is the leading service provider of Bupa insurance and we are their intermediary. Bupa International Medical Health Insurance covers individuals and even companies worldwide. There is a provision for one to tailor the insurance policy to fit their needs as well as their budget and location as advised by our qualified team. We also help companies to manage risk profiles related to their HR and also optimize their costs.

Bupa International has their operations covering over 190 countries and with over 800,000 members in the whole world. This makes them one of the biggest health insurance companies available in the whole world. For Bupa International, it not purely about providing health insurance but they have an admirable commitment to the healthcare systems in the world that they have their own independent research and healthcare facilities to offer medical services to its clients and other people as well.



Most of the plans that we have primarily cater for High medical levels, preventive health measures, rehabilitations and even complementary medicine. Bupa International covers bill settlements, zero claiming penalties, renewals and freedom to choose the desired plan and benefits.  Their plans give you freedom to see top specialists in the world as well as choose where to get treatments worldwide. The plans are comprehensive and they are available in numerous languages.

We are committed and willing to helping you live a healthier and happier life by offering you high-quality products and services. Get in touch with us for more information and submit your free quotation.