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Allianz Insurance Philippines is one of the best health protection companies for your travel and international health needs.  Allianz insurance, together with Allianz Global Assistance is trusted by fortune 500 companies for their travel and health insurance. Allianz Insurance have over 83 million customers globally. Their growth has been tremendous and has established itself worldwide. They are known for helping and supporting their clients regardless of where they are. What their clients need is their top priority. They allow one to customize their benefits such that they choose what they want only. This gives the peace of mind as well as excellent health care services wherever you are. Their client base is of people from Philippines and the rest of the world.

Philippines Plan offers a vast number of Allianz insurance products and they cover students as well as Expats. Everything that is catered for by the company has been well thought out. The different insurance scenes, their prices, and benefits have been perfectly aligned to meet the needs of the customers whether a basic need or a complex one.


They offer extraordinary services that cater for your health as well as your traveling needs. This insurance scheme is called travel medical protection and Allianz offers the best. Other than the travel expense and health, they also take care of lost baggage, repatriation, and even crisis restorative clearing


Allianz offers great prices for their coverage and especially for expat couples. They have a very generous benefits plan and especially for maternity. We will go through your needs and your budget to get you the best benefits with the best rates. A plan that is easy to manage and not frustrate your financial plans.

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