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Philippines Plans is a leading provider of global health insurance. With a reliable team of over 40 dedicated staff, we offer a comprehensive range of health insurance plans which can be customized to suit your needs at your budget. Our advisors are ever-ready to serve you from the time you enquire to the time you require a claim. This way you are less likely to go wrong. Get your quotes today! With our medical cards, you will gain the peace of mind. We operate globally and have vast experience in serving an international client base.


For Individuals, Expats and groups, we are in partnership with insurers who offers the widest coverage, and also considers the needs of indivduals and expatriates. After some intense standard comparison, we recommend only the most efficient and reputable health insurance products, notable for seemless claims handling, high-value  products at reasonable costs, and a comprehensive coverage. Our motive is to provide health insurance coverage that will suit everyone’s individual needs.

Health Card Benefits

Why choose us:

-Quotes from four top health insurance companies globally

-Comparing the available health quotes and the selection of a befitting plan for your budget and specification

-A clear understanding of prices and policies


As you strive to get the best health insurance policy for your future, keep in mind its importance because it will not only serve you but your future family too. With Philippines Plans, you will get the best quotes. After contacting us about your insurance, we will set up a well-detailed comparison table of different health plans from different insurers. The table will be customized to fulfill your personal needs.


Our Prestigious Insurance Partners:

Bupa International | Aetna International | Cigna Global | Allianz Insurance | Maxicare Philippines